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Let’s call it like it is – the exposure at a showcase event is essential! We have been to countless showcases as players and coaches so we know this and we provide an incredible amount of exposure for every player.

EXPOSURE TODAY is something you can count on.

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Guaranteed Coaches

This aspect of our events is the most important and the most frequently misunderstood. There are a ton of showcase events that say they will have 100's of coaches in attendance and constantly under-deliver. We continue to have coaches attend our events because we have created a lasting, amazing relationship with these coaches. In order to guarantee our coaches will be in attendance, we will often fly, lodge, feed, and take care of them beyond what any other event does. For this reason, we have coaches fly from all over the country to attend our events. Events will frequently promote colleges they have "reached out to" or "been in contact with". We only put the coaches on our registered list if we have had dialogue, received a confirmation, and they have went through our system to register themselves personally.  At our Best in the Midwest 2017 Summer event we had 71 colleges. At our Best in the Northeast 2017 we had 24 Division 1 Programs. We look to continue our amazing relationships with our coaches.


On The Field, In the Dugout, In The Pressbox

We give our coaches freedom to recruit and evaluate players as they please. Many camps will give a coach a group of players that he needs to do a mandatory written evaluation for. Guess what, that means that coach has to be locked on those specific players and can't see any other players! Our coaches are given the option to be on the field, in the dugouts, or even up in the press box for a bird's eye view of every player.


Thorough Player Information

We provide our coaches with detailed information on every player in attendance. We provide every coach in attendance with an IPad for the entirety of the event. This technology provides coaches with on-the-go information on every player at the event. All players are provided an under armor t-shirt with a number that allows all coaches to identify them throughout the event.

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