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This part of our events are near and dear to our hearts. We are a company that run events, but we believe that showcase events have gotten a bad name and a terrible reputation and we want to change that! Showcases are designed to give players opportunity to show their abilities in front of college coaches and professional scouts. We want to provide a humanistic approach and treat each player as if they were a player on our own team. With that being said, we want to provide a list of promises and things we do not promise!

We Do Not Promise:

  • A scholarship from any event: Every school has different wants and needs. Every school's recruiting practices are different! We have had many players receive offers within 2-3 hours of our events... but we can't guarantee it. If you've been talking with a coach and they are in attendance, its a great opportunity to meet them and talk with them, hopefully you wow them, but we can't promise they are going to fall in love!
  • That you will perform amazing: We would love for every player to play their absolute best, but guess what... It's baseball! The sport that involves succeeding 3/10 times and you are an amazing hitter. It is a stressful situation performing in front of college coaches, we can't guarantee you will have a great day, but we will do our best to help you feel comfortable, have fun, and do your best!
  • Phony Rankings: One thing we are adamant about is that each athlete is given the opportunity to show their skills and not stacked up against each other on some phony ranking system. We create a player profile for you to continue your recruiting journey and we want to help you in any way possible. We do not want to rank any player after watching them for one or two days!

We Do Promise:

Opportunity to Show Your Skills: To give you an honest opportunity to showcase yourself as a baseball player and a person to a large number of college coaches. We hope you put in the work during the off-season and throughout your school season that you are ready to play! We want EVERY player at the event to be successful and we will give you every opportunity to showcase that. Our events involve two sessions so that you can always bounce back incase you didn't perform to your best. For some athletes who are good gamers (instead of practice/showcase guys), all of our events have a live game play. 

Colleges Coaches Will Attend: This is one of the things that give showcases a bad name and we are destined to change that! College coaches have a BUSY summer, so getting them to attend an event is hard work. We fly many coaches in, lodge them, feed them, and take care of them very well in order for to continue attending our events. The coaches who are put on our website as Registered Coaches have personally signed up and have guaranteed us their attendance. We have an extreme follow-up process to make sure they are in the loop and are attending. They will always be in attendance except for unforeseen circumstances such as a. lose their jobs or b. a family emergency. Whether you are attending our events or another event, be sure to always ask what schools will be there and make sure they guarantee the schools (not just invited them!)

Professional and Relaxed Environment:  We host our events at professional stadiums to give each player a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some players will be lucky enough to play under the bright lights of a professional stadium, but this is an awesome opportunity for players to play at a number of first class professional facilities. At our events our coaches like to keep the environment light, stay positive, and even crack some jokes to help players have a good time and perform at their best!



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