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What is a Showcase… Exactly?

The term showcase gets thrown around loosely these days! Lets start with the NCAA definition of a showcase… From there we can dive a little deeper!

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Essentially… A showcase is an event in which prospective student athletes have the opportunity to work out in front of college coach staff members while being evaluated and instructed by those coaches. Some camps focus more in instruction, some focus more in evaluating… the key is to find what showcase is best for you!

Why is it Important to Attend a Showcase?

The demand to play college baseball has never been higher. The competition for division 1 roster spots is through the roof! In the cut-throat world of college sports, it is important to remember that the recruiting decisions these college coaches make will affect their entire career. They can not (and will not) make hasty decisions when it comes to recruiting. For that reason, MANY coaches feel the need to see a player multiple times before making a decision. College coaches will not waste their time at high school baseball games or other events where they may only see one or two players, instead they will attend showcase events so that they can see a large number of qualified players in a short period of time!

Here are a few other keys for you you should attend a showcase event!

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What you Need to Look for in a Showcase!

(to get the most out of it and save you $$$)


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We certainly hope this helps you out a bit! As always, if you have any questions about our events, recruiting help, or anything else please feel free to contact us! The key is to make an informed decision about your baseball future.. and we are here to help!